Clinical placements

Registered Nurse (RN) graduates are employed onto the NETP/NESP Programme for a 12 month fixed term contract. In the majority of cases graduates will undertake one 12 month placement during this period.

Some Registered Nurse (RN) graduates employed onto the NESP / NETP Programme may have 2 clinical placements during the 12 month period.

During the ACE recruitment process applicants will have the opportunity to identify three areas of clinical preference. In planning clinical placements preferences are taken into consideration as well as service requirements.

Placement options

  • Aged Residential Care (by negotiation with Aged Care Providers)
  • Assessment, Treatment & Rehabilitation (BOPDHB - Assessment Planning Unit APU)
  • Cardiac Care includes Coronary Care Units and Cardiothoracic (BOPDHB- ICU/CCU)
  • District Nursing
  • Emergency & Trauma (BOPDHB- ED)
  • Health of Older People within the DHB (BOPDHB- Health in Ageing - rehabilitation) 
  • Intensive Care and High Dependency (BOPDHB- ICU/CCU)
  • Medical
  • Mental Health and Addictions
  • Neonatal (BOPDHB- not Available)
  • Oncology (BOPDHB- not Available)
  • Paediatrics/ Child Health/ Youth Health (BOPDHB - Paediatric Ward)
  • Perioperative Care (BOPDHB, OT, SAU and PACU)
  • Primary Health Care including Practice Nursing, Iwi Providers, School Nursing and Hospice (by negotiation with Providers)
  • Public Health Nursing (BOPDHB- not Available)
  • Surgical (BOPDHB inclusive of Outpatient Departments)

Currently we have funding for four graduate nurses within the primary health care sector across the Bay of Plenty. Graduates maybe employed by individual organisation e.g. General Practice, Maori Health Practices, and Aged Care Facilities.

The graduates are recruited by the specific organisation offering a NETP- placement.

All graduates will complete a PG paper (NESP 2 PG papers) and have access to the resources and developmental opportunities within the BOPDHB graduate program.

Last updated: July 23, 2019