To be eligible to apply to ACE for a NETP or NESP position you must meet all of the following basic criteria

  • Either be a New Zealand Citizen, Australian Citizen* or hold a Permanent Resident Visa (or Returning Resident Visa). 
  • Be in the final year of a Bachelor of Nursing degree approved by the Nursing Council of New Zealand (NCNZ) leading to registration as a registered nurse or be awarded a Bachelor of Nursing degree approved by the NCNZ leading to registration as a registered nurse, no longer than 24 months before starting on a NETP/NESP programme.
  • You must have completed your Bachelor of Nursing degree in New Zealand and have not passed your state final exam more than 2 years prior to starting on a NETP/NESP programme. You therefore have up to four opportunities to apply via ACE provided you still meet all eligibility criterion each time you apply.
  • You must have not practiced as a registered nurse for longer than six months before starting on the NETP/NESP programme. If you have collectively worked more than six months as a registered nurse before starting on the NETP/NESP programme you will not be eligible to apply via ACE. This is irrespective of whether you worked full time, part time or on a casual basis during these six months.

Graduates that do not meet these basic ACE criteria should apply directly to individual employers for private positions. We recommend checking the Job Search page on the Kiwi Health Jobs website as a first point to see which employers may be looking for registered nurse and also by checking the career web pages of each DHB.

For further information about Permanent Resident Visa's please click here. For further information aboutHealth Workforce Directorate (HWD) funded positions please click here and navigate to the link 2/B46.

*Australian Citizens are eligible to apply to ACE nursing however they do not meet the Health Workforce Directorate (HWD) criteria for a funded NETP or NESP position.

*In the case that a graduate with an Australian Passport, who does not hold a Permanent Resident Visa, is successfully matched via ACE, their position could be funded directly by the employer, or the employer could apply to HWD for an exception to the residency status policy for trainee funding. For more information about the HWNZ exception policy, please click here.

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Last updated: July 22, 2019