Health of Older People

The Bay of Plenty District Health Board's vision for older people is: 'Healthy, independent and dignified ageing'. The Board of BOPDHB has identified health of older people as a priority and aims to be proactive in the management of services for the future given the predicted population increase and the associated high cost of care for this group.

The Bay of Plenty's population is ageing, with the number of people aged over 80 predicted to grow at a rate of approximately 6% per annum. It is acknowledged that Māori develop age-related conditions at an earlier age than average and that there are disparities and inequalities in access to support and health services by Māori. Kaumatua are very important in the leadership echelons of māoridom/iwi. As such, programmes that are culturally strong that can provide Māori models within service delivery are an essential part of the support system of kaumatua.

Bay of Plenty District Health Board has developed a Health of Older People strategy. The aim of this Strategy is to provide direction to the Bay of Plenty health and disability sector by identifying areas where the DHB intends to focus its time, energy and resources in collaboration with our stakeholders. The content of the Strategy will also inform our Annual and Regional Plans.

The objectives of the Strategy are to provide quality health and disability services for our growing older population that:

  • Promote, improve, and support healthy, independent and dignified ageing.
  • Have an integrated approach across the continuum of care.
  • Reduce the demand on related high cost service expenditure to levels that can be sustained within current financial constraints.
  • Reduce duplication in the health system.
  • Are simple, streamlined and efficient.

The Strategy does not include an implementation plan to achieve the Strategy's objectives. 

The BOPDHB supports integrating with the community and ACC to live stronger for longer. 

Last updated: May 1, 2020