Welcome to our BOPDHB Chaplaincy Service

The chaplain is a health care professional; the clergyperson is a religious leader; the chaplain tends to the spiritual needs of all the patients; the clergyperson tends to the religious needs of his or her congregants" (Driscoll, 2003, p.4)

The chaplaincy team offers confidential compassionate support in times of stress or loneliness; before and after surgery, for people experiencing loss and bereavement and around matters of faith and illness as well as celebrating the joys of life.  They are available for prayer, blessings and church sacraments.

Chaplains are available for patients, staff and relatives throughout the week. They are on site from 8.00 am to 4.30 pm from Monday to Friday and on-call for the remainder of the time. There are also Volunteer Chaplaincy Assistants who visit wards on a voluntary basis each week.

We acknowledge that sometimes events can happen that trigger responses in us that we didn't expect.  If you would like to talk with one of us please let a staff member on the ward know to make contact with us. We have a private room available and our work is entirely confidential and non-judgemental. 


This week's service

We are recording a weekly devotional for those who are unable to physically make it to the chapel.  May God's blessings be upon all our patients and staff.  Join Chaplain Matiu Best at Tauranga Hospital Chapel for this week's service.

Videos of short devotions & communion

Click onto each of the devotions listed below to be taken to the videos

A short devotion - Broken

A short devotion - Faith in the midst of pain

A short devotion - Our stories

A short devotion - Silence

A short devotion - Love

A short devotion - Rest




Shelley Gilmore
Lead Ecumenical Chaplain, BCouns,
Monday to Thursday, Ext 8295

Rev. Matiu Best
Ecumenical Chaplain, RCPN Diploma in Nursing, Tuesday to Friday, Ext 8735

Leanne Brooks
Catholic Chaplain,
Monday/Friday mornings, Ext 8295



Peter Lander
Ecumenical Chaplain
Monday to Friday, Ext 4877




Last updated: January 26, 2021