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Te Ekenga Hou Māori Health Strategic Plan - view pdf

Vision - toiora: (ultimate health and wellbeing) for Māori in the Bay of Plenty rohe (district) for healthy, thriving communities.

He Pou Oranga Tangata Whenua - our values: Developed in partnership with the Māori Health Rūnanga, the Bay of Plenty District Health Board's (BOPDHB) CARE values (compassion, attitude, responsiveness and excellence) align with He Pou Oranga Tangata Whenua values.

He Pou Oranga Tangata Whenua

Māori tend to look at health as encompassing whanāu, mental, spiritual and environmental well being, and in recognition of this, the BOPDHB has established a new business structure based on Māori principles - He Pou Oranga Tangata Whenua.

Resulting from consultation with the Māori Health Runanga it incorporates cultural sensitivity, service delivery, planning, philosophy and strategy.  The framework will ensure that traditional tangata whenua values, knowledge and institutions are recognised as key indicators of toiora: optimum health and well-being.

Any organisation can use the framework to determine whether its services are culturally appropriate and to assess whether these services are meeting the needs of Māori.

Ko te whaanau te toka tuuaapapa haapai ake te tangatawhenua nei- family is the bedrock of human civilisation.

Healthy whanāu is a imperative for Toiora.

National plans

There are many national plans that set the context for Māori health planning.

Last updated: October 4, 2019