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The Telehealth Demonstration Project commenced in March 2013 as a joint initiative of the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, the National Health IT Board, and the Bay of Plenty District Health Board. Its vision statement was:

"There will be a telehealth ecosystem throughout the Bay of Plenty in which:

  • every health facility, whether primary, secondary or allied health, has video connectivity
  • there are  video consultation kiosks or similar facilities for patients in most aged care facilities, school and, maraes, staffed by professionals as appropriate
  • all these can interconnect seamlessly with each other, and
  • telehealth consultations are firmly embedded within the day-to-day business environment throughout the sector, supported by practical processes and workflows."

The first 18 months of the Project involved enabling video connectivity at about 50 health-related sites in the Bay of Plenty and, more recently, Tairawhiti. The sites were chosen carefully to ensure they had clinical and management staff who were receptive to change and could see the value telehealth could add to health outcomes and efficient service delivery. They included primary health practices, community hospitals, aged residential care, palliative care and Maori health providers.

From September 2014 the Project has been given an extension for 6 months. The three original sponsors have been joined by Tairawhiti District Health. The mission for this extension is to identify the most effective services available over the existing video network and ensure these are supported and bedded down in the form of sustainable service models.

This map shows where the Project has installed video capability as at September 2014.



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Click here to view "Telehealth in a Box", the final report of the Telehealth demonstration project and findings for other Telehealth users.

To contact the Project please email the facilitator, Ernie Newman -  Alternatively phone him on 022 3764363

Last updated: August 29, 2018