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This information will tell you about what happens before your surgery, the different types of surgery used to repair your broken hip. It will cover your recovery and help you plan for your discharge from hospital.

The hospital team involved in your care:

Medical Teams

The Medical teams include the Orthopaedic Surgeon and the Geriatrician or Physician, with their junior staff of Registrars and House Officers.

Nursing staff

The Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses, and the Healthcare Assistants will support you through your stay, providing necessary care and assistance to achieve your personal recovery goals.


The physiotherapists will focus on helping you with your physical recovery. They will teach you exercises to help strengthen your leg after your surgery and help you to get walking again. You may need a walking frame for a short while.

They will help you with your walking/rehabilitation until you are ready to be discharged from hospital.

Occupational therapist

The Occupational Therapist assesses management of everyday essential daily activities. These assessments are to look at how you will manage everyday activities at home e.g. showering, getting in and out of bed, cleaning and preparing meals. This is why it is important to gather general background information of how your home is set up. From the assessments there is an opportunity to create goals in order to work towards a safe discharge home. Help and equipment are available for you at home if required.

Social Worker

The Social Worker will ensure you are ready to be discharged to go home. Should you require assistance this will be arranged through a Homecare provider as part of your discharge from hospital. (In Tauranga Hospital this will be done via a referral to ACC or District Nurses)

If you have any concerns, a Social Worker will undertake a Social Work assessment for any further social needs eg; where to buy your personal alarm and any other queries you have for your personal needs. We can liaise with the ACC co-ordinator on your behalf as appropriate.

ACC Co-ordinator

When required the ACC NARS Co-ordinator provides case management of patients accepted for non acute rehabilitation service (NARS) and works with the team to develop a patient goal orientated rehabilitation programme. Support through ACC can be arranged prior to discharge if required.

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Last updated: August 29, 2018