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General Information

It is important for you to have read and understood all the information given to you regarding this procedure. This will help you make an informed decision, and allow you to proceed with confidence.

Surgery alone is not a quick fix to obesity problems; as such you are effectively entering into a partnership with your surgical team. We will help and support you through this lifestyle choice, but in return we need to know that you are committed to this pathway as well.

As you read this book, write down any questions you may have, and bring it to your next visit.

We encourage you to bring this book with you to all your appointments.

Additional on line information can be found on these websites:

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Your rights and responsibilities


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How to feedback to the Bay of Plenty District Health Board

Why Feedback?

At the Bay of Plenty District Health Board we understand that being in a hospital, whether it is youself or for a loved one, can be a very distressing experience. We welcome feedback as it provides us with an opportunity to review the services we offer. Feedback guides us to make quality improvements as we strive for health excellence.

Ways to provide Feedback

If you wish to provide feedback, make a compliment, comment or complaint, there are a number of ways you can do so:

  • Speak to any staff member, Nurse, or Doctor
  • Speak to Regional Māori Health Services Kai Awhina
    (07) 579 8737 or Regional Maori Health Services, Tauranga Hospital (07) 579 8560 or Te Pou Kokiri Māori Health Services, Whakatāne Hospital (07) 306 0954.
  • Complete our "Would you like to tell us something?" form available throughout the hospital and leave it at any reception.
  • Phone the Quality & Patient Safety Team by calling the on-call Quality Coordinator on 021 791 864, or calling the telephone operator on (07) 579 8000 and ask to be put through to the on-call Quality Coordinator, or call (07) 579 8176
  • Fill out an online form on the BOPDHB website at /your-dhb/quality-and-patient-safety/feedback-on-patient-care/feedback-on-patient-care-form/
  • Write a letter to:
    Quality & Patient Safety Administrator
    Bay of Plenty District Health Board
    Level 2, Tauranga Hospital
    Private Bag 12024
    Tauranga 3143
  • Email the Quality and Patient Safety Administrator on:

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Health benefits when you quit smoking

Every hour, day week, month and year that you go without smoking, your health will improve.

When you quit, your body starts to repair itself straightaway - you'll notice the difference! Quitting is a great thing to do at any age - you'll live longer, and your quality of life will improve.


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Last updated: March 21, 2019