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Quality and Patient Safety

As a District Health Board, we believe that people in our community deserve the best possible healthcare. This constant pursuit of excellence and quality improvement makes healthcare better and safer for everyone receiving healthcare services in the Bay of Plenty.

Code of Rights and BOPDHB's Patients' Code of Responsibilities

The Health and Disability Commissioner Act was passed by Parliament in 1994 and established the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers' Rights, to protect your rights when you use health and disability services.

The Code of Rights covers all providers of health and disability services - public or private, registered or unregistered and everyone who uses health or disability services is protected by the Act, not just patients in hospitals or in doctors' surgeries.

To enable us to deliver the requirements of the Code of Rights effectively we appreciate your consideration of your responsibilities when receiving our services.

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hdcPoster HDC Code of Rights English Version
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PatientsCodeResponsibility BoPDHB Patients' Code of Responsibilities


Your privacy as a patient is very important to us.  Not just your personal physical privacy when you are in the hospital but also the personal health information about you that we collect and store. 

We have to collect information about you as a patient so that we can treat you.  When we collect that information we have to safely store it, and restrict access to it so that only the staff who need it can see it.  The rules for doing all this are part of the Health Information Privacy Code.  If we fail to keep your information safe you have the right to ask us to investigate and find out what happened.

PRIVACY IS A PRIORITY for the BOPDHB so that our patients and staff know that their personal physical privacy is respected and their personal health information will remain confidential and will only be used for its intended purpose.

Health Excellence

Health Excellence is our commitment to performance excellence, using the internationally recognised framework,  Health Care Criteria for Performance Excellence. The vision for health excellence is 'striving to achieve the highest quality healthcare' and is a practical tool to guide continuous improvement and our journey to an organisational culture based on quality outcomes. The framework also allows us to measure our performance against other high performing organisations.  More information is available on the National Institute of Standards and Technology website.

Risk Management

The Bay of Plenty District Health Board risk management process identifies and manages risk to ensure quality care is provided for patients, a safe environment is maintained and resources are available to achieve organisational objectives.

The types of risk we manage are:

  • Strategic risks relate to the governance, funding and strategic direction of the DHB and can be affected by external influences such as budget changes from the Ministry of Health.
  • Operational risks relate to the functions within the DHB and can include Property management, Information Management, Business Continuity Planning, Project and Change management.
  • Clinical risks relate to the delivery of patient care.


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Last updated: October 27, 2017