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Routine Wound Care 'test of change'

General Practice teams are being invited to participate in the Routine Wound Care 'test of change' of the Integrated Community Nursing (ICN) Project.

The ICN Project is looking at how our community nursing services could reconfigure to better position them to meet the demands of the future, in the best way for our patients. It is exploring how the range of community-based services which currently support people and provide care in the community can work together in the most efficient and appropriate way. Click here to learn more about the ICN Project.

As the project progresses there will be a number of 'tests of change' examining these new ways of working. The Routine Wound Care test of change will look at how General Practice, through its practice nursing teams, might be able to take on some routine wound care cases which are currently managed by District Nursing.

The test will run for four months, from 1 October 2017 to 31 January 2018. All going well, more routine care work will then be offered to primary care. This will enable District Nursing to take on more of the complex and acute cases currently being managed by our hospitals.

Points to note:

Some points to note about this test of change include:

  • District Nursing will still be working to capacity as it currently takes on more work than its permanent staff numbers can handle.
  • Ward staff will refer into District Nursing as usual, no change.
  • Only certain wounds will be referred to General Practice.
  • Patients will only be referred if their Practice has registered as a test Practice.
  • Treatment of eligible patients by General Practice will be funded.

Meetings will be held with Ward Nurse Managers in the next week or so to discuss messaging as, over the test period, patients may be seen by either Practice Nurses or District Nurses.

How to register:

Practices can register their interest by sending the Response Form contained in the Registration of Interest Pack to the following email address:

Applications to register an interest in being part of the test close at 4:30pm on 31 August 2017. PHOs will also be inviting their respective practices to participate.

Click here to view the Registration of Interest (ROI) document.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the ROI and how to respond, please email your questions to, noting that the closing date for questions is 24th August 2017.

Last updated: August 9, 2017